The life-changing importance of listening and attention

Lately, I have spent more time being a patient advocate than ever before. As physical therapists, many of us have the luxury of spending more time and getting to capture a thorough history and assessment of our patients. I know that this is sometimes not possible for many doctors—but the system needs to change. IContinue reading “The life-changing importance of listening and attention”

Beyond assault: sexual trauma and the pelvic floor

WARNING: This post includes experiences and rhetoric relating to sexual assault, sexual violence, PTSD, and physical repercussions of sexual trauma. Not a day passes without us hearing about another case of sexual assault. While I don’t like to get political, it’s important to talk about these subjects, especially in light of today’s confirmation. The pastContinue reading “Beyond assault: sexual trauma and the pelvic floor”

A miracle called: pooping!

“Pooping is a miracle!” That is what one of my colorectal physician friends told me once.  And he could not have been more correct. Many of us do not have the luxury of feeling the urge for a bowel movement, making it to bathroom on a timely manner, or sitting down and having a bowelContinue reading “A miracle called: pooping!”

Hypermobility, pelvic pain, and pelvic organ prolapse: a cluster of symptoms

Joint hypermobility syndrome (JHS) describes an abnormal increase in the range of movement in different joints of the body. JHS is a hereditary condition and people often experience recurrence of sprains, strains, bruising, and/or dislocations as a result. Those who have the condition often notice its effects in their fingers, knees, or elbows. When theContinue reading “Hypermobility, pelvic pain, and pelvic organ prolapse: a cluster of symptoms”

The state of postpartum pelvic floor: pleasure or PTSD?

Most health care providers choose their profession because they love to care for and help others.  I certainly have the most fulfillment when my patients can live their lives without any physical restrictions.  I admit that we all fall short on doing the right thing at all times and sometimes we fall in the rotContinue reading “The state of postpartum pelvic floor: pleasure or PTSD?”