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As part of our commitment to improving your health, we’ve partnered with various companies to bring you the best in pelvic floor and orthopedic products. Check out the information below for product details, partnerships, and discount codes!

CMT Medical Group offers various products for women’s and men’s health. Through our affiliation with CMT Medical Group, pelvic and orthopedic products are available for purchase. Dr. Nazari played an instrumental role in the design and production of the Rectocele Release device, shown below.

Use the link here to be directed to the Rectocele device:
Use the link here to view all of CMT Medical Group’s products:



OhNut partners with renowned sexual medicine clinicians, holistic practitioners, and countless empathetic humans to help you make simple physical adjustments for a better sexual experience. Through our affiliation with OhNut, products are available for purchase. Enjoy an additional discount if you order through the link and code on our website (below)!

Use the link here and code PANYNAZARI7 to receive a discount on your purchase:


intimate rose

Intimate Rose offers a variety of women’s pelvic floor products, including dilators, pelvic wands, and kegel weights. These products, designed by a pelvic floor specialist, are designed to support women as they work to achieve their personal goals. Through our affiliation with Intimate Rose, products are available for purchase with a $5 discount!

Use the link here to shop Intimate Rose, and use code PANTEHA at checkout to receive a $5 discount on your purchase:



Good Clean Love offers a variety of products to enhance sexual pleasure and improve reproductive health, all without toxic substances like petrochemicals, parabens and hormones found in most personal lubricants and feminine hygiene products. Through our affiliation with Good Clean Love, products are available for purchase with a 20% discount!

Use the link here to shop Good Clean Love and use the code PANTEHA20 to receive a 20% discount on your purchase:



Pelex is an online fertility and women’s healthcare platform that aims to increase access to and decrease the burden of managing reproductive health. We are proud to partner with them to promote access to high quality reproductive health care from highly regarded experts in the field. Read more about Pelex on their website.



Milli is a product developed by industry experts and innovators in pelvic and sexual health who are committed to improving women’s health. Milli, a vaginal dilator, is customizable to your needs. Milli gently mobilizes scar tissue by incrementally expanding, millimeter-by-millimeter, inside your vaginal canal. It also features built-in vibration that may help relax the surrounding muscles and stimulate blood flow. To read more about and purchase Milli, visit their website!


mystery vibe logo

MysteryVibe has combined deep research & engineering expertise with leading doctors to create devices that address major sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction, dryness & pain during intercourse. Their devices combine the best of humanity & technology to help people regain and revitalize their sexual health at every stage of their life. To support this, they work closely with sexual health experts to be at the forefront of research & develop thought-leadership that act as catalysts for people to start those much-needed conversations to elevate their sexual wellbeing. Crescendo is one of their products that has been beneficial for all genders with pelvic floor dysfunction.

Use the link here to visit their website and use code PANY10 to receive a 10% discount on your purchase of a vibrator:



What is pilates? Who is it for? What can it do? VAzor is a pilates studio with expert instructors who can help you achieve your goals. Pilates is an excellent form of conditioning for individuals transitioning between physical therapy and the “real world” of everyday activities.

Listen to VAzor Founder Victoria Azor describe pilates and its benefits in this video:


Feel free to use the Contact page on our website if you have any questions. If you have questions related to products or partnerships on the website, contact CMT, OhNut, Intimate Rose, Good Clean Love, Pelex, Milli, Mystery Vibe, or VAzor directly.

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