Offering Expertise in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Every person has a story. Their story forms who they are, how they cope, heal, and live. Individuality of each person requires individualized treatment protocols. It takes a seasoned and caring clinician to listen to each story and formulate an effective, sustainable rehabilitation plan that not only heals, but also optimizes function and brings back quality of life. Dr. Pany Nazari created PhysioWellnessVA with those exact goals in mind. We thrive on making lives better.

Explore our site and find out more about what the pelvic floor is: read the blog posts that Dr. Nazari writes on different ‘hot’ topics in pelvic floor health, engage with our social media outlets, hear from previous/current patients, and contact Dr. Nazari with any questions or concerns you may have.

Dr. Nazari is currently taking on new patients. She is an independent contractor at Cypress Physical Therapy in McLean, Virginia.

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