Debunking CBD use for pelvic issues

What is CBD? How can it be used for pelvic issues? What does the research show? How do I know what kind is safe? Dr. Nazari hosts Jeff Kircher, RPh to discuss these questions and more.

Jeff Kircher, RPh Jeff began working in the field of pharmacy more than 25 years ago. He holds degrees in Psychology and Chemistry from Virginia Tech and graduated from The Medical College of Virginia/VCU School of Pharmacy. Jeff has been with Vienna Drug Center for the past 20 years and is their Pharmacy Manager. He founded the store’s synchronization, MTM, and immunization programs, the latter of which now exceeds 6,000 vaccinations per year. Jeff is a certified compounding pharmacist and certified CBD Specialist. He developed a continuing education (CE) module: “CBD Oil…Why All the Hype?” and presented it at the VPhA in February 2020. Jeff is also a guest lecturer at the Shenandoah University Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy, has published twice in America’s Pharmacist Magazine, is a member of the Loudoun Medical Reserve Corps, and serves as a preceptor for Shenandoah University’s Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy and MCV/VCU’s School of Pharmacy. He has been recognized for his outstanding contributions in each of these roles.

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